Computer Repair Specialist in Tucson, AZ

Welcome to Rent-A-Techie. We provide IT and computer services to individuals and businesses of all sizes in Tucson, AZ and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to improve your corporate efficiency and help you reach your goals. Whether you need desktop repair, computer networking, or security cameras, we provide a single point of contact with a range of premium services to help you fully implement technology to improve efficiency.


Smart IT For Business

We provide multilayered support with no downtime to help your business improve productivity and efficiency with cost effective solutions to meet your unique needs.

Home Computer Repair

We provide affordable computer repair services, including laptop repair, PC repair, and Mac repair.

Security & Surveillance

We have a variety of options for surveillance systems and security cameras to provide the level of protection your home or business requires, including everything from simple alarm systems to fully integrated surveillance systems.

Home and Business Automation

Automation enables you to manage energy costs and keep track of your family or employees with systems designed to fit the needs of each home or business.

POS Systems

Our point of sale (POS) systems are designed to track inventory, minimize employee theft, and increase accountability.

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